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General Information
Event Name   Scorpico Multiplayer
Group Name   Scorpico Multiplayer
Email Contact
Phone Contact  
Country   US
Address   5701 Sunset Drive Suite: 268
City   Miami
State   FL
Zip   33143
Alcohol    NOT PRESENT
# of PC   33
# of Xbox   0
# of Xbox 360   4
# of PS2   0

Hours of Operation

Monday11:00 A - 12:00 P
Tuesday11:00 A - 12:00 P
Wednesday11:00 A - 12:00 P
Thursday11:00 A - 12:00 P
Friday11:00 A - 2:00 AM
Saturday11:00 A - 2:00 AM
Sunday11:00 A - 2:00 AM


Welcome to Scorpico Multiplayer, the most advanced gaming center in Florida! We are located in the Sunset Place mall in Miami FL. Scorpico offers a cutting edge First Class Gaming Experience on top of the line gaming pcs. Scorpico occupies over 3000 sq feet and has 33 PCs. We have an incredible library of over 150 games available for you to play either on your own or with anyone else in the center or for that matter around the world! Scorpico Multiplayer also has 4 x XBOX 360 consoles and 2 x Playstation 3, 2x Nintendo wii consoles. Our dedicated console zone is connected to 6 50" screens and are all Live / PS Home enabled.

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