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Why this Site was Built

I had a hard time finding good LAN parties in my area. Many of the big LAN party sites that have big lists were so full of weird info and plauged with ads that they weren't really worth visiting. Plus, adding my LAN to the list was often a painful, complex process. There had to be a simpler way.

Google Maps is a very interesting and powerful tool. It has been used for many things, even tracking hurricanes. So, it made the perfect foundation for a tool to find LANs across the country. You can visually see events that are close by, and get an idea of when they are going to happen with the color coded markers. Easy, clean, and following the KISS mantra. Keep It Simple, Stupid!

How to find a LAN

To find a LAN near you, select your state from the "Center Map On" dropdown list. This will move the map to focus on your selected state.
Next, you can click on the marker icons (those red, yellow, and green things) to bring up an information window. You may have to zoom in to see markers that are close together.
The information window will give the name of the event, the day it starts, the price (pre-pay or pre-registered), and links to more information that is stored here, and/or to the LAN party's own web site, if they have one.

How to Add Your LAN Party

First, you'll need an account. Go to the Get an Account page and fill in your information. Once submitted, you'll get an email with activation information. This will, hopefully, help prevent abuse of this system.
When your verification email arrives (it will have the subject "LAN Party Map - Account Verification"), click on the included link to activate your account. Once that is done, you'll be able to add your LAN party.

DO NOT FORGET YOUR LOGIN AND PASSWORD Passwords are encrypted and not even we are able to retrieve them for you.

To add a LAN party, go to the Add A LAN Party page and fill in all the boxes. All fields, except Website URL (many smaller LANs do not have a website), are required and thus must be filled in.
A valid US address, including street, city, state, and zip, is required to appear on the map. If you don't enter a valid address, you can edit your LAN to fix it.

How to Edit Your LAN Party

If you need to update your LAN's information, you can edit the info by clicking on the Edit a LAN Party link. You'll be asked to supply your login and password, then you'll be presented with a list of your LANs that have dates in the future. There's no point in changing things that happened in the past, right? Click on the date for the LAN you want to edit. This will bring you to a screen very much like the Add A LAN Party page where you can edit your information.

How do I get my LAN to be the "Featured LAN?"

It's quite simple, actually. About once a month I'll go through the list of events coming up within the next few weeks. From that list, I'll pick one that impresses me. How do you make a good impression? Glad you asked. Some suggestions are: have a good, well laid out website for your LAN, be doing something interesting or unusual at your event (live music, weird tournaments, etc), put a link back to The LAN Party Map on your site (you can use this logo for sites with light backgrounds, or this logo for sites with a dark background), or just simply show that your event is fun and top notch.

Reporting Problems / Suggesting Features

If you find a bug, PLEASE tell us about it so we can get it fixed! Send an email to Please give as much detail about the problem to aid in our repairs.

If you think something is missing and want a feature added, you can send suggestions to the above email addess as well. Please keep in mind with your suggestions that we do want to keep things simple and easy.

Linking to The LAN Party Map

We welcome all the links to us we can get! Plus, with more links comes more traffic, and more traffic back to your LAN from gamers in your area!
Please use this logo for sites with light backgrounds, and this logo for sites with a dark background.

Last Tidbits

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